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The 1010data Reference Manual provides information about the 1010data Macro Language as well as the 1010data library of functions.
Selection expressions are used when doing advanced row selection or advanced row find. Value expressions are used when creating computed columns. This section describes how to write such expressions.
Operators can be used when writing expressions.
The 1010data Macro Language supplies a variety of system and system block variables for writing expressions.
These tables provide easy to work with, low-overhead tables for building Macro Language queries where no specific data is required.
The section contains detailed specifications for all 1010data Macro Language elements.
You can get started writing SQL by opening Macro Language Workshop and writing SQL in the code editor.
Magic tables allow you to use the power of 1010data queries within SQL tools such as Power BI and Tableau.
1010data Insights Platform offers a rich set of functions that may be used in value expressions when creating computed columns and in selection expressions when performing row selections.
Data types govern how data is stored internally, and display formats control how that data is displayed.
The 1010data Insights Platform maintains two changelogs for the Beta and the Prime releases of the product. The 1010data Insights Platform Release Notes contains the highlights for each major release.