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The 1010data Insights Platform User's Guide covers many of the concepts and tasks that are helpful to the beginner and advanced user alike.
Information to help new users get started with the 1010data Insights Platform.
Learn about the key concepts and terminology that provide the foundation for the 1010data Insights Platform.
Quickly access workspace and session information.
The User Profile window allows you to view your user profile information, change your password, and edit your account settings.
The Object Manager allows you to view and traverse the hierarchy of folders, tables, and other objects to which you have access, and to perform actions on those objects.
The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet (TRS) allows you to visually interact with your data.
The table editor allows you to create and edit tables in the 1010data Insights Platform interface.
You can create a new table by uploading your own data to the 1010data Insights Platform.
Export the data to your 1010data FTP directory.
Save the data resulting from your analysis to a 1010data Insights Platform table.
Quick Queries can be used to save a set of actions so that they may be rerun at a later time.
The Macro Language Workshop offers a rich set of tools for writing, executing, and debugging 1010data Insights Platform Macro Language queries and QuickApps in the new web interface.
The Post-hoc Performance Analyst (PPA) is a tool for probing 1010data query performance after the queries of interest have been executed in a session.
A 1010data Insights Platform gadget is a simplified tool that supports your data analysis session.
The Scheduler allows you to create, clone, edit, delete, and manually run report jobs.
Administrative functions are accessible from the Admin Tool.
The SQL Metadata Tool allows authorized users to add, edit, and remove SQL schemas, tables, and columns. (Available as of version 17.29)
System Statistics allows you view the current memory usage of your company.