You can use <link> operations in 1010data to combine and filter data between tables. However, depending on the type of link and size of your data, this operation can be costly. It is important to know what steps can be taken while using <link> to optimize your query performance.

Although there are steps you can take to improve performance while using a <link> operation, sometimes links can be avoided entirely by denormalizing your tables. For example, if you have a group of retail tables, including a sales history table, a store master, a product master, and a customer master, any time you need further information other than what is included in the sales history table, you have to link in one of the master tables. However, if all of these individual tables were denormalized to create one large table, you would always have all of the information you need without linking. It is important to consider your data and the types of queries you expect to perform before making a decision on whether to denormalize or simply use <link> operations to combine tables.