Macro Language Elements

The section contains detailed specifications for all 1010data Macro Language elements.

Macro Language elements include the traditional operations, as well as a set of elements for creating parameterized subroutines (<block> and its affiliated elements), and the QuickApps language extension for rapid GUI development.

The appeal of 1010data has always been in its combination of power and simplicity. 1010data's platform offers a standard set of basic operations. When combined with the robust function library built into the system, these operations (in plain English: Select, Link, Tabulate, Compute Columns, Merge, and Sort) can be combined to produce powerful insights and analysis. Recently, 1010data has elaborated on these basic operations to produce more nuanced and versatile ways of working with 1010data's system.

Keep in mind this is a reference manual, and may not be as useful to someone who is just learning 1010data as it is to more experienced users. For a beginner's perspective on using basic operations and interacting with 1010data, please view our Getting Started Guide and other tutorials.