System Tables

These tables provide easy to work with, low-overhead tables for building Macro Language queries where no specific data is required.


These tables can be invoked using the <base> operation:

<base table="default.lonely"/>

For default.empty, the <meta> tag must be used, because by default 1010data will issue an error when a table has no rows or no rows are selected. To use default.empty, enter the following code:

<base table="default.empty"/>
<base table=session.tables"/>

System tables

Table 1. System tables
Table name Description
default.lonely Provides a table with one column and one row. The column name is c1, and the value of the first row of c1 is 1.
default.empty Provides an empty table with one column. The column name is c1, and the column contains no values.
default.test.json Contains columns with various JSON payloads as strings, permitting easier experimentation with both JSON and (via dejson()) packages in a vector context.
Note: The contents of default.test.json may change over time.

(Available as of version 15.01)

session.tables Shows all DBM objects a user can see.
Note: Do not use session.tables in production code.