The 1010data Reference Manual provides information about the 1010data Macro Language as well as the 1010data library of functions.

The Macro Language Elements section contains information on data transformation operations such as row selection (<sel>) and linking (<link>). This section also provides full details on the elements used to create and contain block code such as <block> and <library>. It also covers elements related to application development, such as <dynamic> and <loop>. There is a wealth of information about the elements used to create QuickApps, which include <widget>, <layout>, and <do>. Each of the widgets is documented in detail with respect to its attributes, which are used to determine their behavior and appearance. The manual also includes examples that demonstrate basic usage of each of the widgets.

The Function Reference contains details about the 1010data functions, including their parameters and return values. Many of the functions have sample usage tables, which demonstrate the behavior given different sets of input values, and examples that show how to incorporate the functions into Macro Language code.

For information about the 1010data Insights Platform web interface, refer to the 1010data Insights Platform User's Guide.