Query Scheduler

The Query Scheduler allows you to create, find, edit, delete, and run query jobs.

Oftentimes, you might want to schedule a query to run on a regular basis, such as every hour or every day at a particular time. Using the Query Scheduler, you can schedule these jobs and have the completed job reports sent to any number of recipients. These reports can be provided as comma-separated text files, PDF documents, or Excel workbooks.

The Query Scheduler can be accessed by clicking Admin under the drop-down menu corresponding to your username in the top right corner of your 1010data session and then clicking on Query Scheduler on the Account Administration toolbar.

The Query Scheduler page has a text box at the top, which is used for searching, and a number of tabs below that:
  • My Jobs
  • Other People’s Jobs (admin only)
  • Job Information
  • Run History

The Run History tab is hidden until you click the Show Run History link in the My Jobs or Other People's Jobs tabs. It is hidden again when you click the Clear Form button.

Please note that you will not be able to log into the GUI while any of your scheduled jobs are running. You can log in before a job starts or after it finishes. If you try to log in while a job is running, you will be shown the following message:

If you click the first option, the following message is displayed:

You can choose to end the existing session, but be aware that this will kill your job mid-execution.