QuickApp Editor

The QuickApp Editor gives the user a canvas on which to build a QuickApp, a custom-tailored front-end interface to the power and speed of the 1010data analytical platform.

Using the QuickApp Editor, creating widgets such as dropdowns, input fields, sliders, checkboxes, and buttons can be done with minimal effort and maximum customization. In addition the grid-like interface allows the user to position and resize widgets with ease, allowing the user to test out different ideas for layouts and design. Associating a query with a particular widget is simple and straightforward as the Widget Builder allows you to pull in the code from blocks in the current environment, worksheets in the current session, or by specifying the Macro Language for the query directly into the provided XML editor. Previews of both the widget and the results of its query help to eliminate any guessing as you develop your QuickApp. Furthermore, the Widget Builder generates the XML source for the widget on the fly, so you can cut and paste the Macro Language code into a larger, more complex QuickApp that you might be developing separately.