Here's where to find documentation for the 1010data Insights Platform and associated products. There is also a collection of tutorials to help you gain insights from your data using our fast and powerful analytical platform.

Check out the 1010data Insights Platform Version 18 Release Notes!

Core Documentation

If you're new to 1010data, these documents are the perfect place to start.

1010data Insights Platform

Getting Started Guide

Tutorials to help you get started using the iterative and intuitive Trillion-Row Spreadsheet.

Insights Platform User's Guide

A helpful guide to all the features in the new and dynamic web interface.

Compatibility Mode User's Guide

A guide to the legacy web interface featured in Compatibility Mode.


1010data Reference Manual

A detailed reference for the Macro Language and 1010data functions.

1010data Cookbook

A collection of delectable 1010data recipes that will help you get from line cook to top chef.

1010data Glossary

The glossary provides a list of 1010data-related terms and definitions.


1010data Beta Changelog

The changelog for every beta version of the 1010data Insights Platform.

1010data Prime Changelog

The changelog for every prime version of the 1010data Insights Platform.

Product Documentation

Where to find documentation on 1010data interfaces and products.

APIs and SDKs

Dynamic API Reference Manual

A guide for writing applications that can
access data on the Insights Platform.

API Reference Manual

Detailed reference materials for the
1010data XML API.

Using Python in the Query

A guide for using Python within the 1010data query language.

Using R in the Query Language

A guide for using R within the 1010data query language.

.NET SDK User's Guide

A guide for using the 1010data .NET SDK to interface with the Insights Platform.

Java SDK User's Guide

A guide for using the 1010data Java SDK to interface with the Insights Platform.

Python SDK User's Guide

A guide for using the 1010data Python SDK to interface with the Insights Platform.



1010data's suite of command line tools: TenUp, TenDo, and Data Hauler.


Excel Add-in

1010data's tool for uploading data and
executing queries in Excel.


JDBC Driver

The most natural way to connect to 1010data from Java-based applications.

ODBC Driver

Real-time access to 1010data from any application that supports ODBC connectivity.

Power BI Connector

1010data's tool for self-service integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Tableau Connector

1010data's tool for accessing data with Tableau with the use of the JDBC driver.


Orchestrator Quick Start Guide

A guide to monitoring your DAGS
via The Orchestrator.

Legacy Documentation

ODBC Driver 1.0

A guide to installing and configuring
the 1010data ODBC driver.


Tableau Setup Guide

A guide for using Tableau visualization
software with 1010data.


Calculation Library

A universal reference for 1010data's first native calculation library.

Tutorials and Analyses

A growing collection of tutorials and sample analyses performed in 1010data.


Intro to QuickApps

Learn how to build a simple QuickApp on 1010data from start to finish.

Embedded QuickApps

Find out how to include a QuickApp within an external web application.


Basic Retail Analysis

Learn how to calculate the most profitable day of the week in 1010data.

Year-Over-Year Analysis

How to analyze year-over-year peformance by month and quarter.

Modeling Functions

The model way to perform predictive analytics in 1010data.


G_Function Overview

G_Functions are one of 1010data's most powerful features. Get g_oing.

Reporting from Excel

An in-depth report on creating interactive dashboards using 1010data's Excel Add-in.

Date Transformations

A guide to working with date values that's sure to be a transformative experience.


A growing collection of video tutorials and instructional content for better learning 1010data.

Getting Started

These videos are intended to get you quickly up and running on 1010data Insights Platform Version 11 by introducing you to the interface and demonstrating some of the most common operations and functionality.

Introducing Version 11

Take a tour of the enhanced interface layout and new features.

Trillion-Row Spreadsheet

Conduct an ad hoc analysis that begins with raw data and ends with new insights.


These videos demonstrate the use of the R1010 package, which combines the compendium of statistical functions provided by R with 1010data's platform.

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