Change an existing chart

To make changes to an existing chart, you must edit the Quick Query associated with that chart.

To change an existing chart:

  1. In the Folders and Tables browser, navigate to the Quick Query that is associated with the chart.
  2. Click the Quick Query.

    The Quick Query is highlighted in blue, and the full path for that Quick Query appears underneath the Folders and Tables toolbar along with its associated actions.

  3. In the list of actions underneath the toolbar, click edit query.

    A new tab is opened containing the Quick Query, and the Save As a Quick Query dialog is presented.

  4. Under the table heading, click the link labeled Click here to view data multiple rows at a time.

    The chart and its associated base table will be displayed.

  5. Make any changes to the chart or its associated base table.
  6. Click File > Save as Quick Query...

    The Save As a Quick Query dialog is presented.

  7. Specify where to save the Quick Query:

    • If you want to replace the Quick Query you are editing, select Replace old query?

      Be careful when you select this option. Once you click Submit, the existing Quick Query is replaced. There is no warning or pop-up message confirming this action.

    • If you want to save this as a new Quick Query, under Save into folder, navigate to the folder where you want to save it.

      Make sure Replace old query? is not selected, as it will take precedence.

    Note: You can only save the Quick Query in a folder that you own () or have permission to add to ().
  8. To save open charts with the Quick Query, make sure Save open charts is selected.
  9. Click Submit.