inspect inspects the state of currently running QuickApps.


Use inspect and a widget name to inspect various aspects of running QuickApps.

The following widgets are available:

A table of all running QuickApps, in order of tag number. It is the equivalent of <do inspect_="qatable"/>
A table consisting of a subset of columns from the <dynamic tag_="[tag_number]"/>
The full widget state table for a given tag. It is the equivalent of <dynamic tag_="[tag_number]"/>
A table containing expansion states for each widget. It is the equivalent of <do inspect_="dynamic" tag_=[tag_number]"/>



If you do not specify a tag number, inspect displays the contents of tag 1 as the default value.

curl Example

The following curl command displays a table of all running QuickApps, in tag order:

$ curl -s -b cookie.txt ''

The resulting JSON displays the tag numbers and details about every currently running QuickApp.

   ["GUI Default Workspace","","","","",""]}