A list of items in a directory.




The directory listing, which can be formatted as HTML, text, or JSON.

curl Example

The following example in curl returns the names of all the tables in the pub directory in text format.

$ curl -s -b cookie.txt 

The result is a table containing all the information about each table in the pub directory, including table id, type, path, title, and description. (The columns below are truncated for readability.)

  id type  path          href                       title              
 --- ----- ------------- -------------------------  ------------------
   3 dir   pub.fin       /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Finance
 243 dir   pub.geo       /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Geographic Data
 373 dir   pub.demo      /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Demo
 381 dir   pub.lib       /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Libraries
 427 dir   pub.public... /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Public Data
 516 dir   pub.doc       /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Documentation
 572 dir   pub.gui       /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  GUI
 783 dir   pub.train...  /beta-15.09/api/ls/pub...  Training Exercise...