Returns the numerical value of a particular model parameter extracted from a discrete or continuous model.




Argument Type Description
M model The name of a column that contains a model as returned by a discrete or continuous modeling function
These functions include:
  • g_lsq(G;S;Y;XX)
  • g_wlsq(G;S;Y;W;XX)
  • g_logreg(G;S;Y;XX;Z)
  • g_pca(G;S;XX;Z)
  • g_cluster(G;S;XX;A;N;Z)
  • g_liblinear(G;S;Y;XX;Z)
  • g_glm(G;S;Y;XX;Z)
P text The name of the particular parameter to be extracted from the model
Note: See the descriptions of the individual modeling functions for more information on the values that can be specified for P.
I integer An index (or list of indices) specifying which value is to be returned

For single-value parameters, I should be left blank.

For multiple-value parameters, I should be a single integer specifying which value is to be returned.

For multidimensional parameters, I should contain as many integers as there are dimensions.

Return Value

Returns a decimal number corresponding to the value of the parameter named P extracted from the model M, possibly indexed by the value or values in I.