Table Uploader

You can create a new table by uploading your own data to the 1010data Insights Platform.

To upload a table in the Insights Platform web interface, data must be in a supported file format. Certain restrictions apply to the type of files supported. These restrictions are based on the method used to upload the file and whether the file will be transferred to 1010data using an FTP server. For more information, see Supported file formats.

When you perform an upload, you have the option of choosing from a local file, a file in your 1010data FTP account, or a file from Amazon S3 buckets. To choose a file from your FTP account, you must first use a third-party FTP client to transfer the file to 1010data. For instructions, see Transfer a file to your FTP account. To choose files from Amazon S3 buckets, you must add S3 API keys. To do this, you must manually edit the s3_keys dictionary in your user preferences or invoke the addkey api call.

You must be authorized to add tables to a folder. Folders that you have permission to add tables to are marked with the Uploader () or Owner () icons in the Object Manager. Once your table is uploaded into the Insights Platform, it will be visible to only those people to whom you give permission. If you need to grant permission to multiple users, consider creating a group.