Table Editor

The table editor allows you to create and edit tables in the 1010data Insights Platform interface.

Object Browser (Browse)
The object browser provides a hierarchy of folders and objects to which you have access. Use the object browser to select a folder, query, or table.
Open as temp copy in TRS
Open an unsaved table or a table with unsaved changes in a TRS window.
Note: This feature is not yet available.
This field displays the folder path where you are saving the new or edited table. You can enter a table path instead of navigating with the object browser.
This field displays the table name. If you are creating a new table, you can enter a table name in this field unless you are saving to the My Data folder.
Run query
This button runs an existing query in order to load and edit or copy the results.
Load table
This button loads an existing table or query results.
Open saved table in TRS
This button opens the saved version of the table in a TRS window. This option is not available for new tables.
Table title
This field displays the title of the table. You can enter a new title here.
This button changes depending on the action. You can save a new table or replace an existing table with a table containing your edits.
Table pane
The table pane is the bottom portion of the Table Editor window and contains the new or existing table. When creating a new table, you can manually enter data into the cells or paste a copy of another table. For example, you could paste in a table from Excel.