Physical tables

The Physical tables view allows you to browse details of the physical tables in the 1010data database.

The Physical tables view is available from the main PPA window and from the Finished queries and MDB state cache views. It offers a concise overview of performance-related information about physical tables, including segby, sortseg, ts breaks, indexed columns, prelinks, and distribution of data over segments, subprocesses, and machines as actually seen by the current session.

Figure 1. Physical tables

Select the physical table to analyze.
The title of the selected table.
The type of the selected table.
# of segments
The number of segments in the physical table.
Segmented by
The columns by which the table is segmented.
If the table is sortseg, the sortseg column(s).
TS breaks
The time series breaks in the table, if any.
Indexed columns
The columns that are indexed, if any.
The precalculated linkage between two tables on a specific set of columns, if any exist.
Show data distribution aggregated
Choose a data distribution aggregation from the drop-down list.
By server
The distribution of the physical table on servers, including the number of processes, segments, and rows on each server.
By process
By segment