Create a table

The Table Editor allows you to create new tables.

You can create new tables by manually entering data or by pasting copied data from an existing spreadsheet.

To create a new table with the Table Editor.

  1. In the object browser, navigate to a folder that you have write access to. You can also enter the folder path in the Folder field.
  2. Enter a table name in the Table field.
    If you don't enter a table name, the Insights Platform automatically assigns one. You cannot enter a table name if you are saving to the My Data folder.
  3. Enter a table title.
    This is optional, but if you do not enter a table title, the entry for your new table in Object Manager will be blank.
  4. In the table pane, add data to the new table.
    There are two ways to add data to a new table. You can manually enter the table data or paste in data that you've copied from a spreadsheet.
  5. Right click on the table and select Show Column Info.
    The Insights Platform reveals the column information fields.
  6. Enter the column information.
    For more information, see Columns.
  7. To save the new table, do one of the following:
    • Click Save.
    • Right-click and select Save table.
  8. If you want to view the saved table in TRS, click Open saved table in TRS.
    The Insights Platform opens a TRS window.