Image Encoder

The Image Encoder is a tool for converting images (or other binary files) into data URLs. A data URL has the prefix data: and is a convenient way to embed small files inline in documents.

The Image Encoder allows you to encode the actual images instead of having to dynamically fetch remote resources (that can be removed without notice). You can drag and drop the image you wish to convert onto the Insights Platform workspace. The image will appear in a new Image Encoder window. Alternatively, you can access the Image Encoder by selecting Gadgets > Add Image Encoder from the menu bar.

See for more information about data URLs.
Note: For best results, run your image through an optimizer to minimize the file size before encoding the image. The Image Encoder is most suitable for small logos, icons, and favicons.
Figure: Image Encoder
Choose File
Select the binary file to convert to a data URL.
MIME type
The type of data; for example, image/jpeg, image/png, text/html.
File Size
The original file size in bytes.
The file size after it is encoded.
A preview of the converted image. The remainder of the screen shows the image converted to a data URL.
Copy to Clipboard
Click to copy the data URL into your code.