Tag Inspector

The Tag Inspector allows you to inspect the tags in the currently-running QuickApp and is a useful debugging tool.

The Tag Inspector contains a "scope" widget pointed at the currently-selected QuickApp tag.

The Tag Inspector is accessed by selecting Gadgets > Add Tag Inspector from the menu bar. Alternatively, you can launch the Tag Inspector from the results pane of a QuickApp in Macro Language Workshop by clicking the Tag Inspector () icon.

When you first launch the Tag Inspector, the following screen appears:

A. Tag
Click this button to select a tag. When clicked, the Tag Inspector visually shows the tags as overlapping rectangles in your workspace. The borders of the selected tag are highlighted, as well as the number of the tag. In the image below, Tag 27 is selected.
Click a tag to view its contents.
B. Tag selector
Use the up and down arrows to locate the desired tag to inspect, instead of using the Tag button. Click the return key to view the tag details for that numbered tag.
C. Default Properties
Select Default Properties if you wish to display all relevant system variables. This is the equivalent of gui20_="1" in the scope widget.
D. Drop-down and Submit
Depending on the tag, there may be options to select from the drop-down list. Select the option, such as clearcache, and click Submit.
E. Tag contents
The remainder of the screen contains a list of the properties and contents of the tag.

The following is a Tag Inspector window for a simple QuickApp:

You can interact with the Tag Inspector and change values.