Reset your password

If you have forgotten your 1010data Insights Platform password, the login page provides a way for you to reset it.

You can reset your password from the login page.

To reset your password:

  1. From the Insights Platform login page, click Forgot Your Password?

    Your browser displays the Password Reset dialog on the login page.

  2. Complete the following fields:
    Username Enter your Insights Platform username.

    If you do not have a username, or have forgotten it, contact 1010data Support. For more information, see Contact 1010data Support

    Email Enter the email address associated with your Insights Platform account.
  3. Click Reset My Password.

    After validating your information, an email from is sent to you containing a link to reset your password.

  4. In the password reset email, click the password reset link.

    Your browser opens a new login page and displays the Password Reset dialog where you can enter your new password.

  5. Complete the following fields:
    Username This field lists your username; do not change the contents of this field.
    New Password Enter a new Insights Platform account password.
    Password information and requirements:
    • Your new password must be different from your current password
    • Passwords must contain 8 to 16 characters
    • Password must contain at least one letter and one number
    • Passwords must not contain spaces
    • Passwords may contain symbols, except for & % " =
    • Passwords are case sensitive
    Confirm Password Confirm your new password.
    Note: The values in the New Password and Confirm Password fields must match.
  6. Click Change Password.
  7. Click Return to Login.
    Your browser displays the Insights Platform login page.

From the login page, use your new password to log in. For instructions, see Log in.