Supported file formats

Before uploading a table using the 1010data Insights Platform web interface, data from your current system must be exported into a file format that the platform can read.

The supported file formats vary based on whether you perform an upload or an advanced upload. Regardless of the type of upload you perform, you can upload tables in comma-separated (.csv), tab-separated (.tsv), and text file (.txt) formats. However, to upload a compressed version of these files, the compressed file must first be transferred to your 1010data FTP account.
Note: Delimited files must contain only printable ASCII characters; UTF-8 strings with multi-byte characters are not allowed.
Compatible file formats include the following:
.csv A comma-separated values file.
.tsv A tab-separated values file.
.txt A standard comma-, tab-, pipe-, or space-separated text file.

For details about what the text file may contain, see Text file format.

.zip, .7z, .rar, .gz A compressed file containing either a .csv, .tsv, or .txt file.
Note: Compressed file formats are only supported when using the FTP option while performing an upload.
Note: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file formats (e.g., .xls and .xlsx) are not supported for upload in the platform user interface. To upload an Excel spreadsheet file, save the file as a comma-, tab-, pipe-, or space-separated text file or use the 1010data Excel Add-in to upload the file directly from Excel.