Certain prerequisites are required to transfer a file to 1010data through FTP or to use the advanced upload feature to upload your own data into the 1010data Insights Platform.


The following table lists the items you must have in place to use FTP when performing an upload.

1010data FTP account In order to use FTP to transfer files to 1010data, you must first contact 1010data Support to set up your 1010data FTP account. This FTP account provides the access needed to transfer a file through FTP to 1010data before uploading it into the 1010data Insights Platform. Your 1010data FTP account uses the same username and password as your Insights Platform account.
Note: If you change your Insights Platform account password, your 1010data FTP account password is automatically updated. However, this change may not take place immediately and can take up to one hour to complete. Continue to use your old platform account password for your FTP account until the change has taken place.
Third-party FTP client If you intend to use FTP to transfer files to 1010data, you need a third-party FTP client installed on your computer.

There are many free FTP clients available. While 1010data does not recommend or support a specific FTP client, many of our upload users choose to use a free, open-source FTP client called FileZilla.

Advanced Uploader

You must have the following in place to perform an upload using the advanced upload feature:

Insights Platform account with API access To use the Advanced Uploader, you need to have API access added to your Insights Platform account.

If you are not sure whether you have API access, contact 1010data Support. For instructions, see Submit a support request.