Create multiple users (admin only)

A company administrator can create multiple 1010data users by uploading a CSV file containing the users' information.

You need specific access to the bulkedit/bulkadd functionality. To request this functionality, please email

In addition, you must have a CSV file containing the users' information. For details on what that file may contain as well as an example, see Bulk edit file format.

To create multiple users:

  1. Under the drop-down menu corresponding to your username in the top right corner of your 1010data session, click Admin.

    The Account Administration page is opened in a new tab.

  2. On the Account Administration toolbar, click the User Manager icon ().
  3. Click Create Multiple Users.
  4. Click Choose File (or Browse) and select the CSV file containing the users' information.
  5. Click Upload.

    This uploads the file to your My Data folder, reads the data, and creates the new ids.

    During this process, you’ll see some of the following status messages appear:

    1. Your file is uploading…
    2. Upload Successful! or Upload failed: error
    3. Reading table…
    4. Table Read Successful! or Failed to read uploaded table: error
    5. Creating users…

If all users were created successfully, the status changes to Users Created!, and the newly created user IDs are displayed in an area below the search box. You are then automatically placed in bulk edit mode, where you can make changes to the IDs you just created and can click Save Multiple Users to save those changes. To exit this mode, click Clear Form.

If there were any errors with the creations, the status changes to BULKEDIT: Some users failed, see above error msg(s), and any error messages are displayed in an area below the search box.

If you receive a message similar to the following: Transaction failed: requid is not authorized to assign this server, contact