User Info

The User Info tab of the User Manager page contains personal information about a particular user as well as information related to that user's ID, password, and expiration date.

Personal Information

User ID
A unique combination of alphanumeric characters and underscores. (required)
The user ID must:
  • Begin with a letter
  • Contain only lowercase letters

The recommended form for a user ID is:

<compid>_<first initial of first name><last name>

Each user must have a user ID that is unique across all companies which use 1010data. For instance, even if you only have one John Smith within your company, another company may already be utilizing the user ID jsmith. If you try creating a user with a user ID that already exists, you will get an error message telling you that the user ID is already in use. It is recommended that you add the company ID as a prefix to each user ID that you create to help ensure the uniqueness of your company's user IDs (e.g., rd_jsmith).

Note: This field is editable only by company administrators.
First Name
The user's first name. (required)
Last Name
The user's last name. (required)
Middle Initial
The user's middle initial.
Email Address
A valid email address for the user. (required)

This setting must be set correctly. It is used for a user to reset his/her password and to receive important notifications from 1010data. Do not create an ID without a valid email address.

Email List
A space-separated list of additional email addresses associated with the user.
An alphanumeric value containing between 6-15 characters.

The password can be set when creating a user, but it is not required. If a password is not specified, the system will generate a random one. If the administrator prefers to set the password, it should be set to a random string and should not be shared with the user. The existing password is not displayed due to security reasons. The correct way to provide the password to the user is to request that they click Forgot Your Password? on

Note: Company administrators can set/change a password for any user. The user that is currently logged into 1010data may also change his or her own password using this field.
Company Name
The name of the company the user works for.
Note: This field is editable only by company administrators.
Phone Number
The phone number for the user.
Street Address
The street address for the user.
The city for the user.
The state for the user.
The country for the user.
Zip Code
The zip code for the user.
The job title of the user.

ID Information

Save changes to User Groups?
Select this checkbox to modify a user’s group membership.
A company administrator can add or remove users to and from groups by adding or deleting groups from User Groups.
Note: Changes to User Groups will not take effect unless this checkbox has been selected.
User Groups
A space-separated list of all the groups to which this user belongs.
Idle Time
The amount of time (in minutes) the user can stay logged in without performing an action before they are logged out of the system.

This is important to set, as a user with a large amount of memory mapped can sit in the system and take up space, even though they are done with their work. A good default value for dormant time is 60 minutes, but this value can be changed to something smaller or slightly larger, if need be.

Note: This field is editable only by company administrators.
If this is set to Yes, the user is deactivated and can no longer log in to 1010data. If No, the user can log in and access the system.
Note: This field is available only to company administrators.
User Expiration Date
The date (in YYYYMMDD form) when this user account expires.
Note: After this date, the user will be denied access to the system.
Note: This field is editable only by company administrators.
Password Set Date
The user will be asked to change their password 45 days after this date. (The date appears in YYYYMMDD form.)

The default cycle of 45 days can be modified by setting the Password Expiration Cycle.

Note: When creating a user, it is recommended to set this to a date well in the past (e.g., one year before the date of creation) in order to make sure a user changes their default password when their user ID is given to them.

To turn off the password reset feature, clear the date in the Password Set Date field and save the changes for the user.

Note: This field is editable only by company administrators.
Password Expiration Cycle
The number of days the user will be asked to change their password after the Password Set Date.
Note: This field is editable only by company administrators.
User Creation Time
The date (in YYYYMMDD form) that this user was created in 1010data. (read only)
User Administrator
The user ID of the administrator that created this user in 1010data. (read only)
Previous Login Time
The date (in YYYYMMDD form) of this user's last login. (read only)
Previous Time User was Updated
The date (in YYYYMMDD form) this user's information was last updated. (read only)
Previous User to Update ID
The user ID that last updated this user's information. (read only)
Previous Version to Update ID
The version of 1010data that was used when this user's information was last updated. (read only)