Add the saved table to a SQL schema.

In addition to saving your data as a 1010data table, you can save the table to an existing SQL schema to which you have access. If you do not have access to any SQL schemas, you must ask your administrator for permissions. You can also create a schema with the SQL Metadata Tool. See SQL Metadata Tool for more information.

Figure: SQL tab in the Save Data as Table window
Add the saved table to a SQL schema
Selecting this option displays the SQL schema options.
Select the SQL schema
Select the SQL schema for this table from the drop-down list.
Choose SQL table name
Enter the desired name of the SQL table, or leave the field blank to use the 1010data table name.
Use 1010data column labels (not names) as SQL column names
Selecting this option uses 1010data column labels for SQL column names, while deselecting the option uses 1010data column names for SQL column names.