Workspace menu

The workspace menu provides access to the features and functionality available to you in the 1010data Insights Platform.

Located at the top left side of the workspace, the menu is customizable to each individual user ID and, as such, you may not see or have access to all of the features and options discussed in this guide.

Figure: Workspace menu
From this menu you can perform tasks related to your current Insights Platform session. For example, you can view the amount of virtual memory used, customize the user interface, and save, load, or open a new workspace.
This menu provides access to the various tools that are available for analyzing your data. For example, you can access the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet to perform ad hoc analysis, upload data with the Quick or Custom Uploader tools, and develop applications using the Macro Language Workshop.
Gadgets are simplified tools that support your data analysis session. For more information, see Gadgets.
You can manage your Insights Platform user account from this menu. For example, you can change your password and manage other profile settings. Depending on your role and access rights, you may have additional options. For example, you may manage users and groups.
The help menu provides access to a variety of resources to assist you while using the Insights Platform. For more information, see Help menu.