Save a new query

1010data Insights Platform Macro Language queries can be saved directly from the Macro Language Workshop. Follow the steps in this task to save a new query.

Login to the Insights Platform and open a Macro Language Workshop window. Then, write a new query.
  1. On the menu bar above the left pane of the active Macro Language Workshop window, click File > Save Query as.
    The left pane of the Macro Language Workshop displays an object browser for saving the current query:

Note: In order to save a query, you must have upload permissions to the folder where you want to save the query.

  1. Browse to the folder where the query should be saved and single-click it.
  2. Optionally, to add more information about the saved query, complete the following:
    1. Click the Options switch.
      The Macro Language Workshop displays additional options for saving a query.

    2. As necessary, add/select the following:
      Title Enter the title of the query. The title is useful, since the Insights Platform generates the name of the query.
      Short description Enter a short description of the query.
      Long description Enter a long description of the query.
      Inherit permissions from parent folder (overrides authorized users list) Select this option if you want the query to inherit permissions from the parent folder.
      Authorized users and/or groups Enter the users authorized to view the query. Your user name is added by default.
      Save original text source with query Select this option to preserve formatting (such as line breaks and spacing) as submitted in the saved query. This option is selected by default.
      Save query in pre-V10 compatibility mode As mentioned on the screen, be careful selecting this option.
  3. Click Save.
    The Macro Language Workshop saves the query in the selected folder.