The 1010data Insights Platform provides a mechanism to generate high-quality charts, which in turn can support the notion of visual data discovery.

Charting can help you make sense of large amounts of data that might otherwise be too overwhelming to comprehend. Imagine a table with 20 columns and 100,000 rows of data. With 2 million pieces of important information right in front of you, it might be difficult to get a clear picture of what it all means. With charting, you can more easily see relationships among the data points so you can quickly glean insights and use them to improve your business.

Numerous chart types are supported in the Insights Platform, including bar, pie, histogram, and scatter charts. All chart types allow full aspect ratio rendering, so that the chart will fill the whole area when you resize the chart window.

Useful charts can be created with minimal effort using the web interface by applying one of the provided chart types to the current table or worksheet. You can use the chart builder in the Visualize tab to select the columns of data to be plotted. You can filter data within the chart builder, as well as perform simple tabulations. You can also further refine your chart in the Macro Language window.

You can also download any of your charts in PNG format, making your data available for internal or external business reports.