Chart Builder

The Chart Builder allows you to create new charts or modify the appearance of existing charts using a drag-and-drop interface and customizable settings.

The Chart Builder is presented in the Visualize tab of the TRS window. It consists of multiple sections in the analysis pane that allow you to configure the type of chart, the columns of data to be plotted, and a number of customizable settings such as the size of the chart, its background color, title, theme, axes, ticks, and legend. Any changes with respect to these settings are reflected immediately in the chart. The chart is displayed in the results pane on the right.

Figure: Chart Builder
A. Data columns
Lists all of the columns from the current table or worksheet that are available for plotting in a chart.
B. Chart parameters
Displays the options to select the chart type and the data to be plotted.
C. Customization settings
When the data columns and chart parameters panels are displayed, the customization settings are not visible. To access the customization settings panel, click the More Options button.

Customization settings allow you to configure the appearance of the chart.

D. Chart
The chart is displayed in the results pane of the TRS window.