Rename a window

You can edit the title of certain windows customizing them to your needs.

Certain 1010data Insights Platform windows, such as the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet and Macro Language Workshop, can be renamed. You can change the title of a window if it has the Edit () icon in the window controls.
Note: In the steps below, a Trillion-Row Spreadsheet window is used for illustrative purposes.

To rename a window:

  1. Click the Edit () icon in the window you want to rename.
    The Insights Platform displays the window title in an editable field.

  2. Edit the text in the title field and then do one of the following:
    • Click outside of the title field.
    • Press Enter (PC).
    • Press Return (Mac).
    Note: To discard the changes to the window title, press Esc.
    The Insights Platform closes the field and saves the window title.