Window controls

Icons on the right side of the widow title allow you to control certain aspects of the window size, placement, and appearance.

Similar to other software applications that use a windowed layout, the 1010data Insights Platform allows you to maximize, minimize, restore, and close individual windows. In addition, you can edit the title of certain windows customizing them to your needs.

The following window control icons are available for your use.
Note: The controls described below may not be available in all windows.
Table 1. Window control icons
Icon Name Description
Edit Click the Edit () icon to change the window title.

For instructions, see Rename a window.

Minimize Click the Minimize () icon to remove the window from the canvas. Minimizing a window does not close it or delete its contents—it temporarily removes it from the canvas.

Click the minimized window button in the window tray to place it back on the canvas. The window will be restored to the size and location it was before it was minimized.

For more information, see Window tray.

Maximize Click the Maximize () icon to enlarge the window so that it fills the available canvas space as displayed on your screen.
Restore When a window is maximized, click the Restore () icon to return the window to the size and location it was in before it was maximized.
Close Click the Close () icon to remove a window from the canvas.