Excel workbook export settings

Fields and options for downloading the data to a Microsoft Excel workbook file.

The Excel workbook export settings allow you to customize an exported file to suit your needs. The file extension of the exported file is .xlsx.
Figure: Export settings for Excel workbook files
Export formatted data
If selected, keep the display format is it is in the 1010data table (such as date and currency formatting).
Format as a table
If selected, the exported Excel workbook file is saved as an Excel Table object and formatted. If not selected, the exported Excel workbook file is not formatted and appears as a plain, non-styled worksheet.
Format big integers as decimals
If selected, if big integers exist in the 1010data table, convert to decimals in Excel.
By default, exported .xlsx files are named exported.xlsx. You can choose to name the exported file something else by entering a new name in this field.
Click Export to export the query with the selected settings.