Specifies how the platform displays information that can be different based on your location, such as your time zone.

The Localization section contains the following settings:

Select the language used to display interface text and messages.
Note: Currently, the only language option is English.
Time zone
Select the time zone used for the date and time on reports.

The options are presented as offsets to the Greenwich Mean Time.

For example, New York is in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States, and Eastern Standard Time (EST) is five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Therefore, the appropriate selection for New York is GMT-5.

Region format
Select the desired format for dates and times.

This setting determines the order in which dates are presented (or downloaded as formatted values), when using the date, date4y, and datehms24 display formats as well as how numbers (i.e., integers and decimals) are displayed. Region format options include the following:

Date Date+Time Integer Decimal
USA MM/DD/YY MM/DD/YY_HH:MM:SS 10,000 0.001
Europe DD.MM.YY DD.MM.YY_HH:MM:SS 10.000 0,001
United Kingdom DD/MM/YY DD/MM/YY_HH:MM:SS 10,000 0.001

Users can change their localization settings in the User Profile. For more information, see Change your user settings.