Session Preferences

Specifies how platform sessions behave, such as how often a keepalive transaction is sent to a proxy server.

The Session Preferences section contains the following settings:
Platform default
This controls which version of the platform the system logs into when a version is not specified. The options are:
The default version is generally set by 1010data when a user profile is created. If a default version is not specified, the company's default version is the default.
Logs the user into the latest version of Prime.
Logs the user into the latest version of Beta.
Logs the user into the latest version of Prod for version 9.
Idle timeout
The number of minutes a session must be idle before you are logged out.
Keepalive interval
This is for use with accounts that connect to the Insights Platform using a proxy. This setting defines the number of seconds before a query is sent to keep the proxy connection active.

Users can change their session preferences in the User Profile. For more information, see Change your user settings.