Data Dictionary

Displays the metadata of columns and tables in the analysis.

The Data Dictionary is accessed by clicking the Data Dictionary () icon in the View bar.

You can also access the Data Dictionary through the View tab of TRS.

Figure: Data Dictionary in the results pane of the TRS

Column Information

This section of the Data Dictionary contains information about the column metadata in the table.

Displays the column name. The column name is a way of referring to the column internally in value expressions and selection expressions. For more information, see Columns.
Displays the column label. The column label is different from the column name. For more information, see Columns.
Displays the origin of the column. Columns can be from the base table (Base), the linked table (Link), or be a computed column (Comp.)
Displays the data type of the column. Data types govern how data is stored internally. There are four simple data types that represent how information is stored in the 1010data Insights Platform:
  • Integer
  • Big integer
  • Real (or decimal)
  • Text

See Data types for more information.

Displays Indexed if there is an index in the column.
Displays the format of the column. Display formats control how values are displayed within columns in the 1010data Insights Platform. For example, a display format of type:num;width:5;dec:2 means that the column is formatted as numbers with a width of 5 and 2 decimal places.

See Display formats for more information.

Displays the width of the column, or the number of characters a column can hold.
Displays Fixed if the column is fixed. Fixed columns do not move, regardless of how far the table is scrolled in either direction.
Displays a description of the values in the column.


This section describes the basic structure of the table, such as its segmentation and where its data is stored.

Query Dependencies

This section contains information about the tables on which this query depends, such as the base table and any linked or merged tables.

The degree of nesting of the worksheet. The base table is the Top level.
Query dependency
The full path of the table on which the query depends.
Title of referenced table
The title of the table on which the query depends.


This section contains information about prelinks in the table, if any. A prelink is a precalculated link between two tables on a specific set of columns. A prelink improves the speed of linking larger tables together.

To create a prelink, you can use materialize="1" within the <link> operation. See <link> in the 1010data Reference Manual for more information.

Foreign table path
The path to the foreign table that is prelinked to the current table.
Local link columns
The column(s) in the current table that are prelinked.
Foreign link columns
The column(s) in the foreign table that are prelinked.
The time the prelink was created.