Single-row view

View the cells in a single row of data, arranged vertically.

When a table or worksheet has many columns, it can sometimes be helpful to use the Single-row view. This view allows you to scroll through the data vertically allowing you to more easily see all of the data within a row of the table or worksheet.

The Single-row view is accessible in the following ways:
  • Clicking the Single-row view () icon in the View bar
  • Right-clicking a cell in the grid and then selecting View this row in single-row mode from the menu
  • Clicking Single row in the View tab of the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet (TRS)
Figure: Single-row view in the results pane of the TRS
A. Previous row
Click the Previous Row () icon to view the previous row in the table or worksheet.
B. Next row
Click the Next Row () icon to view the next row in the table or worksheet.
C. Column header
The column header displays the column name, column, label, or both. You can choose which is displayed by adjusting your user profile settings. For instructions, see Change your user settings.
D. Row data
Data in the table or worksheet is displayed a single row at a time, arranged vertically.