Deactivate a job

You can deactivate a job before the job's expiration date.

When you deactivate a job, the job continues to appear in the Existing Scheduled Jobs list but it is not run and users will not receive results. If Active Only is selected, the inactive jobs will be hidden. You can reactivate an inactive job at any time.

Note: You can only deactivate jobs that you own. You can unsubscribe from multi-jobs you do not own. See Unsubscribe from a multi-user job (owner or admin only).

To deactivate a job:

  1. On the Existing Scheduled Jobs tab, find the job that you want to deactivate. Note that the status of the job is Active.
  2. Click once on the status of Active.
    A dialog box appears, asking you to confirm deactivating the job.
  3. Click Confirm in the dialog box.
    The status of the job changes to Inactive.
    Note: To reactivate the job, simply click the Inactive status and confirm reactivating the job. The end date for the reactivated job will be set by default to 30 days from the present date.