Amending values

Replace the values in a table or worksheet using the amend operation.

In a 1010data Insights Platform1010data Insights Platform session, you work from a "snapshot" of the data as it existed when the table was first opened. This prevents the data in your session from changing out from underneath you. You can, however, replace the values of the underlying data within your session. This is helpful in making corrections to the data or to see how different values affect your query results.

In the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet (TRS), the amend operation allows you to replace all values in a column using a value expression, apply the changes to only certain rows in the column using a selection expression, or edit the values of individual cells directly from within the grid. As with other 1010data Insights Platform operations performed in the TRS, the amend operation is displayed as a panel in the Analysis Timeline.

When you amend the values, the changes are not permanent and apply only to the worksheet in your session. You can save the value changes for future use by saving your query. To make any value changes permanent, you must materialize the data to a 1010data Insights Platform table.