Perform a string replacement

Find and replace one or more string patterns within a string column.

The string replacement operation allows you to select one or more string patterns within a given string column, and replace it with another string.

To replace a string:

  1. In the New operation panel, click Replace.
    The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet displays the String Replace panel.

  2. Select the column where you want to replace text from the drop-down list (text columns only).
  3. Under Find..., enter the text that you want to replace, and under Replace With..., enter the replacement text.
  4. Enter additional Find... and Replace With... text patterns as necessary.
  5. Under More Options, select Case-insensitive matching, if desired.
  6. Select Match on entire string, if desired. If not selected, the partial text will be replaced with the new text.
  7. Under Output, select when to Amend the text in the existing column or create a new column with the replacement text. If you create a new column, name the new column.
  8. Click the Submit operation () icon.
    The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet displays the results of the string replace operation.