Split and expand

Split and expand a string column on a given separator.

The split operation splits each string in a given column based on a specified separator and expands the table so that there is one row for each portion of the split string. A new column contains the individual portions.

For example, the Address column in the following sample table contains string data:

Expanding the Address column by a space separator results in the following table:

Each portion of the address is placed in its own row within the new column, indicated in red above.

To perform a split and expand:

  1. In the New operation panel, click Split.
    The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet displays the Split and expand panel.

  2. Complete the following fields and options:
    String column to split
    Select the column containing string data that you want to split into multiple rows.
    Separator character
    Enter the character by which you want to split the data.
    New column name
    Enter the name for the new column.
  3. Click the Submit operation () icon.
    The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet displays the results of string expansion in the grid.