Scheduled Job List

The scheduled job list shows all of the existing scheduled jobs and provides options for searching through them.

Figure: Scheduled job list and related display options
Refresh () Icon
Refreshes the list of scheduled jobs to display any changes.
Search Jobs
Searches all job names and IDs; you cannot search job owners. For instructions, see Find a job.
Owned Only
If selected, displays all the jobs that you own.

If not selected, displays all your jobs, including multi-user jobs to which you are subscribed but do not own.

Active Only
Filters the list to display only active jobs.
Job Name
Displays the name of the job.

This is the job name entered when the job is created.

Job ID
Displays the job ID.

This is generated by the Scheduler. To perform any actions on an existing job, you have to click the job ID.

You can click the Status field to toggle its value. The status of the job is one of the following:
The job's end date is in the future.
The job's end date is in the past. If you reactivate a job, the end date will be set 30 days from the current day by default. No user will receive results while the job is inactive.
You are subscribed to a multi-user job that an administrator has established on your behalf. The job is run under your user ID and counts toward your monthly limits. You can click here to unsubscribe from the job.
You are unsubscribed from a multi-user job. You can click here to resubscribe to the job.
Additional -Multi(*)
The -Multi suffix indicates that the scheduled job is a multi-job. The * indicates who owns the multi-job.