Create a temporary table

You can create a temporary table in the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet (TRS) on which to base your analysis.

At times, you might have data that you want to analyze in TRS that does not already exist as a 1010data Insights Platform table. For example, you might have data in a CSV file that you want to use for your analysis. Rather than create a new table by uploading the file into the Insights Platform, you can create a temporary table from the data directly in the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet using Macro Language code.

To create a temporary table:

  1. In the object browser of a new TRS window, click New Table.
    The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet displays the <table> panel.

  2. Within the <table> element in the code editor, enter the data for use in the temporary table.
    The following is an example of temporary table code.

    For more information, see <table> in the 1010data Reference Manual.
  3. Click the Submit operation () icon.
    The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet displays the temporary table in the results pane and the New operation panel in the timeline.