My Data and Other People's Data

My Data is a folder where you may save your data, such as tables, queries, and reports. Other People's Data is a folder where you can access objects in other users' My Data folders that they have shared with you.

Each user has their own My Data folder, which can be found at the top of the object browser.

Figure: My Data and Other People's Data folders in the object browser

The name of this folder is uploads. This folder is intended for users to store temporary tables, worksheets, queries, and reports. The My Data folder has limited space; therefore, it is not suggested that users attempt to save large tables here.

If you share something in your My Data folder with someone else, they can access it through their own Other People's Data folder. Conversely, if someone shares something with you in their My Data folder, you can access it via your Other People's Data folder.

Note: You cannot create subfolders in My Data, which means you would not be able to use the inherit permissions feature that the 1010data Insights Platform provides. You would need to explicitly give permission to each user for those objects you want to share in your My Data folder.

In most cases, users will also have a user folder that their company creates for them where they can save their data and in which they can create subfolders. They can then share those subfolders with other users or groups, which is the method that 1010data recommends.