Metadata columns

Descriptions of metadata columns available in the object browser.

You can choose to view or hide specific columns of metadata within the object browser. For instructions, see Choose the displayed metadata columns. To choose the columns of metadata information that are displayed by default each time a new Object Manager window is opened, see Select default metadata columns.

Figure: Metadata columns shown in the object browser

A list and description of available columns is provided below.

This column displays the icon representing the type of object and the title of the object.
Note: The name and title of an object are different. To find the name of the object, use the information dialog. For more information, see View object information.
Date Modified
This column displays the date and time the object was last modified.
This column indicates an object's type. For a list and description of object types, see Object icons.
Short Description
This column displays a concise description about the object.
Long Description
This column displays a more detailed explanation, which may include the Macro Language XML of the query.
Full Path
This column displays the full path of the object. The full path consists of the file path to the folder in which the saved object is stored and the name of the object itself.
Object Count
This column displays the number of objects within a folder.