Object icons

Descriptions of object icons in the object browser.

Objects in the object browser are represented by icons which are described in the table below.

Table 1. Object icons
Icon Name Description
Folder Folders represent directories where saved objects are stored.

To expand a folder, click the Expand (). To collapse a folder, click the Collapse () icon.

Table A table is the permanent, unchanging version of the data that is saved on the server.

When you open a table in the Insights Platform and perform an action or query, it becomes a worksheet. A worksheet is a working copy of the table. In worksheets, you can work with and manipulate your data.

Quick Query or Parameterized Quick Query A Quick Query is a saved query that can be rerun any time. Quick Queries are used to save your work so that you can use it later or share it with others. You can also add parameters to a Quick Query to create a more flexible Parameterized Quick Query (PQQ).
Legacy Parameterized Quick Query A legacy Parameterized Quick Query (PQQ) is a legacy Quick Query object from Insights Platform version 9 and prior that allows simple parameterization. Parameterization provides the ability to choose different inputs when running the saved query.

You are now able to run a legacy PQQ in TRS. See Run a legacy Parameterized Quick Query for more information. You may also open and resave a legacy PQQ as a version 10+ PQQ. See Edit and convert a legacy Parameterized Quick Query.

Merged table A merged table is the result of combining the rows of two or more tables or worksheets together.
QuickApp A QuickApp is an interactive application that provides a custom front-end interface to the 1010data Insights Platform.
Saved Code The saved code object represents saved, non-executable Macro Language XML code such as a <library>, <defblock>, and <defop>. For example, you might save a library to store multiple block statements for reuse.

You can open and edit saved code objects in the Macro Language Workshop.