View the previous operation state

Move backward through the actions applied to an operation in the Analysis Timeline.

You can move backward through the history of actions executed within an operation in the timeline of the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet (TRS). With each step back, the results of the data displayed in the grid are updated accordingly. You can repeat this all the way to the initial state of the operation.

After moving backward through the actions, you can move forward through those same actions to execute them once again.

To view the previous operation state:

  1. In the TRS timeline, click the operation for which you want to view the previous operation state.
  2. Click the Previous operation state () icon.
    Note: If the icon is inactive, no previous steps exist.
    The TRS moves backward one step in the history of actions and displays the state of the operation in the panel. In addition, the grid is updated with any changes to the data resulting from the step backward.