Email Contents

The Email Contents () section of the Scheduler is where you enter the email subject and body, attach results as a file, and include the log file.

Figure: Email Contents in the Scheduler
Subject (opt)
An optional custom subject line for your email containing the results of the job. If you leave this field blank, the subject will contain the status of the job followed by the name of the job, for example, Completed: Job 4.
Email body (opt)
An optional email body. This text appears before the boilerplate text in the email. The boilerplate text contains a link to the report, run limit information, job name, job ID, scheduled run time, actual run time, and end time.
Attach Results File to Email
All emails contain a link to the report, but if you select this option, the email will also contain a file attachment in the format specified in the Output Options section.
Include Log File
The email also includes an attached log file.