Finding rows in the results pane

Locate rows in a table or worksheet without eliminating the rows that do not match your criteria.

Finding rows in the Grid view () of a table or worksheet is similar to using a select operation to isolate rows. However, unlike the select operation, rows are not eliminated from the table or worksheet. Instead, found rows are highlighted in the grid so that they are easy to see amongst the rest of the data. If desired, you can create a select operation from the results. The outcome is a new worksheet containing only the rows that were previously highlighted.

You can also find rows while using Single-row () view. You use the same Find rows dialog, but instead of viewing highlighted rows in a grid, you can page through the results one row at a time.

There are multiple ways of finding rows in a table or worksheet. You can enter any valid selection expression in the Find rows dialog, select an existing cell value in the grid to perform a Quick find, or search for a value within a specified column.